Why Scaffolding In Calgary Is Different

Scaffolding in Calgary, Why it's Different?

Many people think that Scaffolding is scaffolding, whether you’re in Calgary or anywhere else in the world but is simply not true. This is because in Alberta, and especially southern Alberta places like Calgary, Lethbridge and Pincher creek high winds are an issue.

In many places in the world winds are not an issue, but southern Alberta is quite unlike any other place and when scaffolding in Calgary the scaffolding designer needs to keep this in mind for safety purposes when designing and building scaffolding. Calgary Winds can frequently get over 60km/hr and sometimes up to 80km/hr. In Lethbridge it’s even worse, with wind gust speeds up to 120km/hr!!

Not only does scaffolding in Calgary need to be designed better than anywhere else to withstand the wind gusts, but it needs to checked up on regularly to ensure that the gusting hasn’t loosened anything. A good scaffolding company in Calgary will come out and check their scaffolding to ensure that everything is still tight after windy days so be sure to find a good scaffolding company in Calgary to ensure your project is going to stay safe and stay on track.

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