Why Residential Scaffolding Makes Sense For Roofing Projects

Scaffolding for Residential Roofing

It might be that time of year when you have to think about putting a new roof on your house. We recently took on a project just outside of Calgary Alberta to help a homeowner with some residential scaffolding so that they could put on a new roof themselves. Here are some considerations why residential scaffolding makes sense for many residential roofing projects.

Steep roofs are difficult to work on

In this particular residential scaffold project, the home had a 5:12 roof pitch and was extremely difficult to work on. The homeowner decided to use metal shingles to redo his roof which made it even more difficult to place the shingle materials on the roof, so we built several towers and connected them with walkways around the entire home so the entire roof was accessible to the homeowner.

Residential scaffolding is far less expensive than a roofing crew

The quotes the homeowner got for a roofing crew to do the labour on the installation of the new roof was nearly six figures. He was able to secure a residential scaffold setup that allowed him to do the entire roof himself and save thousands and thousands of dollars.

Lifts don’t work everywhere and scaffolding is often much more convenient

The terrain around this particular home was very uneven, there were many slopes, rough surfaces, and a lift would have extreme difficulty getting all the way around. Then there’s all the time being wasted going up and down all the time, and all the fuel that needs to be used to keep the machine running, not to mention the machine rental cost.

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