Hazards Of Amateur Scaffolding Companies

Be Careful with which Scaffolding Company You Choose

When you need scaffolding for your project in Calgary or Alberta, it’s important that you hire professionals for the job. This is because there are hazards with working with less than professional scaffolding companies! Know the hazards and work with the best scaffolding companies to keep your project on track!

Untrained Scaffolding Company Employees

This is one of the biggest problem areas for scaffolding companies. Scaffolding is hard work and not many are physically capable of long hours of heavy labour and working at heights so there can be a lot of turn over in larger scaffolding companies. Make sure that the scaffolding company workers look like they’re built tough and seasoned veterans who aren’t going to compromise the scaffolding portion of your commercial, industrial or residential scaffolding project.

Poor Scaffolding Installation And/Or Assembly

This goes right along with untrained or lazy employees. In order for scaffolding to be safe, it needs to be installed properly and securely. Installing scaffolding poorly is certain to be a safety hazard and can get you shut out of a construction site and your project delayed. Have a look at some of the other projects the potential scaffolding companies have worked on before you decide to award them the work because an injury or delay just isn’t worth the risk.

Misquoted and then Inflated Pricing

We see this a lot when we are bidding on large construction projects, and it’s something we feel is very dishonest and we NEVER do this. Many times various scaffolding companies will bid incredibly low on a project to secure the work, and then bill the client for the difference which can be a huge. We are very careful with our quotes and almost never run into the problem of significant differences between what we quoted and what we delivered; this is because we are experienced scaffolders, both on the scaffold design side and scaffold building side. Don’t be fooled by ridiculously low quotes, they will get your project off budget and make you look unreliable.

Atmosphere Scaffolding - Servicing Calgary and Alberta

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