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Calgary Scaffolding Services

DETAILS Strathmore Elementary Scaffolding Project_Calgary Scaffolder

Calgary Scaffolder Services

  • Calgary Scaffolding

We’re different, and in a big way. We build scaffold fast and safe. We’re experts and we’ve built scaffolding all over Alberta and Calgary in every kind of environment, from commercial, construction, gas plants, chemical plants, universities, rec centers, apartment complexes to residential housing, we’ve done it all!

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DETAILS Calgary Commercial Scaffold Scaffolding

Commercial Scaffold

  • Calgary Scaffolding

We have worked on store fronts for retailers, large construction projects for commercial buildings, recreation complexes and others. We design and build all our commercial scaffold with safety in mind so you can rest assured that your project is going to stay on track and on budget. Call us today to discuss your next commercial project’s scaffolding needs!

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DETAILS Calgary Construction Scaffolding Scaffolder

Construction Scaffold

  • Calgary Scaffolding

Atmosphere Scaffolding Calgary builds and designs construction scaffold for any construction project. We’ve worked in many construction sites and always build and design our scaffolding with safety at the front of mind.

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DETAILS Calgary Scaffolding Engineering and Design

Custom Scaffold Designs

  • Calgary Scaffolding

One of the things we can do that the competition usually can’t is build a 3D model so you can see exactly what your project is going to look like when our custom built scaffolds are in place. We design top of the line scaffolding platforms, towers, and whatever kind of setup your project needs.

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DETAILS Industrial Scaffold Calgary and Alberta scaffolding company

Industrial Scaffold

  • Calgary Scaffolding

We’ve worked on gas plants, petro chemical plants, warehouses, and a variety of other types of industrial buildings where access can be a problem.

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DETAILS government-scaffold-company calgary-and alberta scaffolding services

Municipal and Government Scaffold

  • Calgary Scaffolding

C Train Stations, Multiple University of Calgary projects, Strathmore Elementary, and Rocky Ridge YMCA Recreation Center are a few of the projects we’ve worked on. We design and build our scaffold with safety at the front of our minds so that your projects stay on track and on budget.

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DETAILS oil gas plant scaffold calgary and alberta

Oil & Gas Scaffold

  • Calgary Scaffolding

We love oil and gas and we love helping design and build scaffold to meet your project’s needs. Whether it’s a gas plant, a SAGD facility, or some other kind of oil & gas facility, we’re happy to help.

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DETAILS renewable scaffold solar scaffold calgary and alberta

Renewables Scaffold

  • Calgary Scaffolding

Whether You need to get solar panels on a rooftop of a house, commercial building or industrial building, or whether you need scaffold for a geothermal, or wind project we’re happy to quote. With so many renewables projects happening in Alberta we want to be at the forefront of the industry’s needs.

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DETAILS Apartment Scaffolding in Calgary and Alberta

Residential Scaffold

  • Calgary Scaffolding

We’ve worked on small houses, large houses, mansions, apartment complexes, condos, acreages etc. We custom design and build our scaffolds with safety in mind so you can rest assured that your project will stay on track and on budget.

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DETAILS Screens Scaffold and Special Projects Scaffold in Calgary and Alberta

Screens Scaffold and Custom Scaffolds

  • Calgary Scaffolding

We’ve worked on a variety of projects that just don’t fit well into any other category but they’re work mentioning. We’ve built numerous scaffolds to support screens for outdoor events, including work for Rodeos and Calgary Police Services.

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