Scaffolding VS Lifts: Things To Consider

What to consider when deciding between scaffolding and a lift?

Scaffolding and lifts are both used to gain access so that people can work at heights. Deciding which one is better really depends on the job and the costs involved. In most cases scaffolding is going to be the safer option because it is a solid platform that doesn’t move and is often built with steel.

While many project managers want to use lifts because they think it will cost less than what a scaffolding company will charge, Atmosphere Scaffolding Calgary has affordable prices and can build scaffolds quickly.

Scaffolding Will Get You Access To The Entire Area

While it might be tempting to think that a lift will be the faster way to go, a lift will never give your workers access to the entire site at once, they’ll be moving the lift constantly everytime they need to access whatever is out of reach..all this moving adds up so don’t discount scaffolding as, when built by pros like Atmosphere Scaffolding Calgary, there can be a lot of time savings in going with scaffolding over a lift.

Scaffolding Is Just As Safe If Not Safer—When Built Properly

There’s a lot of people who rent lifts saying that lifts are a safer option than scaffold and this simply isn’t true, especially when you have expert builders and designers doing your scaffold work. While there are some terrible scaffolders in the business who cut corners to save a dollar, Atmosphere Scaffolding Calgary always designs with safety in mind. Our scaffolds are designed to support much more than the intended weight and we design and build with high Alberta winds in mind.

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